Missions lies at the heart of who we are and what we do. We believe that as Christians we are called into the mission of God; a mission that has us partnering with God’s kingdom agenda for our community and the world.

As part of that mission, Grindstone’s GO Team (Global Outreach Team) exists to discern God’s vision for Grindstone’s mission involvement and to inspire and challenge our church community to commit to lives of mission. As a church we have landed on three key locations that we are involved in: Waterdown; Muskrat Dam, a Native community in Northern Ontario; and Uganda, Africa. We organize trips to our key locations to continue to build relationship and serve a specific ministry agenda identified by the partner location.

As a church we have tried to re-think why we do missions and what our role to play in missions is. Our heart is to support and serve those already involved in ministry. We are choosing to partner with people and come alongside them as they reach their communities. Our hope isn’t necessarily to go and “do” ministry to others, but to minister with others by serving and supporting what God is already doing within these communities. We are excited about our partnership locations, and believe that by limiting our focus to four key places we can be more intentional and effective in our ministry efforts.

Have a look below on the different areas we serve, and if you have any questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Grindstone was originally planted with a vision to be a thriving, evangelical presence within the growing town of Waterdown. Since our first service in 1998, Grindstone has grown–and so has Waterdown! Today, our commitment to Waterdown is stronger than ever. Our passion for Waterdown extends to many of our ministry areas, and we are continually thinking through how we can engage the rapidly growing community of Waterdown with the hope and good news the gospel of Jesus alone provides.

Through our involvement in the Waterdown Church Network, Grindstone regularly participates in events that are designed to bless the community. We believe strongly in being a corporate presence that glorifies God by working for the common good, so we regularly highlight opportunities to serve within the community of Waterdown.


For over ten years we have been working with a Native community called Muskrat Dam in Northern Ontario. The relationship started when people from Grindstone went to Muskrat Dam to play hockey and build relationships with the community. We have been going in February most every year since as well as once in the summer and have assisted in running a children’s ministry program, provided resources for some Sunday school teachers, worked with the youth, and helped with the Anglican Church there. We have been working with Rick and Linda Martin who are missionaries with My People International.


In 2011 we entered into a partnership with Impact Uganda, a ministry of International Teams. Ministries under the umbrella of Impact Uganda have had to change since then but its purpose remains the same – to transform the lives and communities of those who are most vulnerable: widows, refugees, and street kids.

Under the umbrella of Impact Uganda is Jinja Connection, an outreach centre for kids who currently live on the streets full-time or part-time in the town of Jinja. The drop-in centre is a safe space for kids to come and receive a meal, have a chance to shower and wash up, and receive schooling. Kids can also receive counselling and be reunited with their families through a process of reconciliation.

In mid-January 2017 Cat and Cody Greene, along with their four boys ,were commissioned by our sister-church St. Clair Church for a six month internship to Uganda to help out at Jinja Connection. Cody might even be able to help develop a vocational skills workshop for some of the older boys linked to Jinja Connection.


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